v0.3.2 - Minor Platform Updates, and Three New Lessons!

by Matt Oswalt - - 1 minutes read - 181 words

Yesterday we pushed a small update, v0.3.2. This only included a few minor fixes to the platform - the main highlight here are three new workflow lessons that focus on using PyEZ, Jinja, YAML, and other tools to accomplish very common workflows that are especially useful in environments where configuration and operational consistency is crucial to the outcome of the business objective or other mission.

As a result, this will be a short blog post. The changelog is below, but please check out the three new lessons:

Full Changelog for v0.3.2

NRE Labs Curriculum

  • Three new lessons #217
    • Added new “Automated Device Inventory” Lesson-33. Use PyEz & YAML to automate device inventory.
    • Added new “Automated Configuration Backup” Lesson-34. Use PyEz & YAML to automate configuration backups.
    • Added new “Device Specific Template Generation” Lesson-35. Use PyEz, Jinja2 & YAML to generate and push templates.


  • Generate webapp files from template #54
  • Update PTR banner to reflect repo changes #57


  • Fix state bug (for real this time) and add more state tests #100