This Week in NRE Labs: Network Verification with JSNAPy

by Matt Oswalt - - 1 minutes read - 145 words

Earlier this month, I wrote on Juniper J-Net about one of the coolest lessons in NRE Labs - focused on verifying network state and configuration with an awesome tool called JSNAPy:

… One powerful use case is the ability to make assertions about the network - how it’s configured, what kind of state it’s in, and how it’s changed over a given period of time. Not just to know this information, but also be able to compare “what it really is” with “what it should be” in a predictable way. This is a critical step in the journey to Network Reliability Engineering as we start to manage our workflows - including these verification workflows - as code.

For more information, check out the full blog post over on Juniper J-Net, and visit NRE Labs to get started with learning automation right now, in your browser!