New Version! - 0.1.3

by Matt Oswalt - - 2 minutes read - 241 words

We released 0.1.3 earlier this month, and since the production instance of NRE Labs has been running it for a few weeks, we want to catch you up on what’s changed in this new version. This is a very exciting version that includes new features, bugfixes, and importantly - four new courses for you to enjoy!

We’ll be writing more detailed blogs on each of these lessons in the near future. For now, here’s a summary of the changes in 0.1.3:


  • The terminal pane’s mouse issues are finally fixed! Thanks to Raymond Lam for this community bugfix! (#17)
  • The course page now randomizes which lessons you go to. This should help you discover new lessons more easily. (#18)
  • Moved mouse handler to previous loop that checks endpoint type (bugfix) #19



  • Adding Lesson-24 Junos Automation with PyEZ (jnpr-raylam)#24
  • Adding Lesson-30 Working with Salt #114
  • Adding Lesson-16 Jinja2 Templates #121
  • Adding Lesson-29 Robot Framework #125


  • Simplified the way lessons are defined based on recent syringe changes #129


  • Modified lessondefs api to output all lessons in one call - #18
  • Make iframe resource image configurable - #19
  • Use ingresses for all iframe resources - #28
  • Removed some unnecessary fields from lesson metadata - #29

We’re always working on new features and lessons, and will be releasing a new version sometime in December, so you have some new content to look at over the holiday break.

Thanks, and enjoy 0.1.3!