This Week in NRE Labs: Contributor Orientation

by Derick Winkworth - - 1 minutes read - 123 words

I wrote a quick runthrough of some of the orientation sessions we’ll be running in the first weeks of NRE Labs:

Every Friday, we’ll be conducting introductory training for new contributors. We’ll be covering things like how to build a dev environment, the release cadence, how to design new lessons and much more. If you’d like to attend, just send a direct message to @NRELabs or send a message on the #nre_labs Slack channel. We’ll send an invite for the weekly Google Hangout. In the coming months, we’ll also have recorded training sessions on YouTube.

For more information, check out the full blog post over on Juniper J-Net, and visit NRE Labs to get started with learning automation right now, in your browser!